What some of our clients have said

“These techniques create a wholly different level of energy and commitment of your people in your organization”

Wendy Lucas-Bull
Former CEO FNB

“Our staff relations are now exceptional and we have achieved world class entropy scores against international benchmarks. Corporate has grown substantially as a business both in terms of financial performance and in creating an environment that values diversity and career growth for our staff – a truly remarkable measure of success of the programme.”

Mfundo Nkuhlu
Exco Member: Nedbank

“One of the key focus points was alignment of personal and company objectives. This gave us common purpose. The results have been extremely positive. Team work improved, teams accepted more accountability and independence which freed up supervisory and management time. With the cohesion that now exists Xstrata Alloys have succeeded in reducing time lost due to labour unrest and unhappiness and have also succeeded in boosting productivity in a meaningful way”

Hugh Stewart
General Manager
Xstrata Alloys

“My greatest thought coming out of it is that I am inspired and confident of what South Africa is going to be. One of the most successful and moving experiences I have had.”

Paul Harris
Former CEO FirstRand

“I consider myself highly privileged to have been through it. It is so liberating as a process. While the set is primarily the external workplace, and how we interact as society, its amazing what it does to
you personally.”

Given Mkhari
Group CEO: MSG Africa Investment Holdings

“It had a profound impact on me personally and also on the business. I always thought I had a wide perspective and deep insight into the real South Africa. But I now realize it was in fact quite superficial. The process added immeasurably to my knowledge and grasp of what the real issues are. It has been one of the most enriching experiences that I have ever been through.”

Brand Pretorius
Retired CEO: McCarthy Limited

“It makes a very deep impression on all participants. Nobody leaves untouched.”

Zanele Mbeki
Former First Lady
Patron in Chief: SAWID