Company Overview

Vulindlela have a history of delivering powerful programmes in the realms of relationship building, trust building and leadership development.

Our processes are completely unique, well researched and documented, and outcomes remain a focus of attention. We offer programmes designed to address, amongst other things, Workplace Transformation and Trust Building.


The company has 28 years South African and International experience. Project size capability is from small teams of 10 to staff contingents of 25 000 people.

What we do

We build High Trust Teams / Cultures that are values centered.

  • Enhance productivity
  • Break down barriers within and between teams, management and staff, unions and employers
  • Create deeper understanding, tolerance, open communication
  • Develop creativity and innovation
  • Grow individual accountability
  • Personal empowerment

How we do it

The processes are customized and include a combination of classroom and field activities.